The Language

The language
What an important thing is the communication between people and of course, what an important thing is the language.

Those who use the Spanish language are sure that there is no other language so beautiful, with so many nuances and phrases … but … those who speak English think the same and the same thing happens with French, Chinese…

It is definitely not the topic of today to analyze the beauty of different languages ​​or  even dialects, the subject is another of great importance.

In what language should we strive to speak it and know it as well as possible?

It certainly depends on where we live.
Those who like me and you, for any reasons came from another country looking for a new home should have the moral and social obligation to communicate in the local language.
Nobody forced us to come and we were accepted and recognized by the new land, here we start a new life and … many complain not to speak the local language, but it is a meaningless justification, that to learn the new language, we must introduce ourselves in The Society that  given us the coat, what a pleasure for a local citizen when we understand them and we communicate with them in their language.
That is why my articles are written in English, but there is another reason, for those who want to understand, who want to follow me and achieve those dreams that accompanied them in their lives on their travels.
I want to realize your dreams and I do it in english because it is the language that surrounds me, and I invite you to follow me, I invite you to discover everything you can achieve.

I will not publish this article in Spanish, for those who have not yet understood the importance of learning the language of the place where they live, feel doubly motivated.
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