If You Have A computer, A WiFi Connection, And A Desire to Change Your Future…This Is For You!

Hello to all my friends, a beautiful morning from Kansas City.

Today I want to tell you about two real stories.
My friend Moshe Vaknin (Mosh) and I have several things in common, but one in particular, we are immigrants.
I was born in Cuba and lived there for more than 50 years, I arrived in the United States with just over 100 dollars in the pockets of my wet clothes and a tremendous desire to remake my life.
Like many immigrants I had to work very hard and poorly paid, I suffered deceptions and humiliations.
But I had a career, a computer, an internet connection and Tremendous wishes to change my life.
Today I have a recognition, a nice apartment and a car of the year and step by step my family is coming to this country that opened the doors of the opportunities.
Look here, as it is possible to get everything you have dreamed and working less than 3 hours a day.
Watch this video that I propose today about my friend Mosh.

We will return with more Stories that can serve as inspiration to you to take action today and make your dreams come true.

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Thank you


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