Homosexuality, Myth or reality?

Several weeks ago I have been reading and listening to various programs and articles that talk about this topic from different positions and points of view and I think it is fair to treat it in my blog because I understand its social importance.

Before issuing opinions, it is fair to consult a Bit of history and science.

There is no consensus to determine why homosexuality, many specialists have proposed different themes ranging from the hormonal development of the fetus within the uterus to the social behavior derived from education or upbringing, the fact is that, the scientific community has Demonstrated that people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation, and that orientation is a perfectly natural variation of human sexuality.

The place of the homosexual in the society has changed in dependence of the prevailing culture, in the Ancient Greece for example was common and well seen a relation between a young man and a mature man, this last one was in charge of the education of his lover and nevertheless The homosexual relationship between two mature men was not well seen.

In ancient Rome there are innumerable couples of statesmen, from Julius Caesar for example, it was said that he was “the husband of all women and the wife of all husbands” (vir omnium mulierum et mulier omnium virorum) and we could speak of Many more well-known military men and statesmen of the antiquity.

Hitler considered homosexuality as a genetic defect and were therefore persecuted and murdered.

The famous UMAH in Cuba is known where thousands of homosexuals were imprisoned and forced to report forced labor shortly after the arrival of Fidel to the power.

At present, countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia condemn homosexuals who may even be sentenced to death.

But in most countries of the world there are movements in favor of respect for sexual and social orientation, there are of course opposing organizations and diverse opinions about this delicate matter for humanity.

The church is another point of interest within the opposites to accept homosexuality, although it is true that the Bible speaks in several books about homosexual behavior, there are also religious sectors that do not oppose coexistence and is also known homosexual behavior Especially in the Catholic convents.

As you see it is very difficult to compare criteria and reach conclusions. Personally I believe in respect for free social determination and freedom of expression and behavior, I suggest you make your comments reminding us that we are all human beings and deserve total respect for individuality.

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