We can’t go backward!

I find it difficult to write about the present of this country that welcomed us when we need their support and I find it difficult because I believe in this country and its benefits and opportunities but unfortunately a minority intends to return to times to be forgotten, times of horror and hatred .
A few hours ago a great friend explained the meaning of the Confederate flag, each of its colors and stars and is definitely a flag of peace and love, however, some people are raising it against peace and in favor of hate.
What do the supremacist groups want?
Do not they just understand that they are also immigrants?
Do not they know that the potatoes they so happily eat every day in Mcdonald leave the hands of Immigrants?
Do not they know that the meat their children eat comes from the hands of immigrants?
Do not they realize that the engine that drives this great country is pushed by immigrants?
It is that they have not read a single page of the constitution of the United States that begins with this phrase:

“WE, the People of the United States, in order to form a more
Perfect, establish Justice, affirm inner tranquility, provide Defense
Promote the general well-being and ensure for ourselves and for the
Our descendants the benefits of Freedom, we establish and sanction this
CONSTITUTION for the United States of America. “

What do the supremacist groups want?

We want to work, live and act in the United States without fear or persecution because of our skin color or our origin, we want to live in peace and if the supremacist groups are murdering American citizens born in the country, What can we expect as an immigrants?
It is time to work and grow this country, it is time to work to reach the dream of our lives and with love we can achieve it.

I’m Hector Calcines, follow me on my blog HectorCalcines.com