How do you use your time?

You may delay, but time will not. (Benjamin Franklin)

Are you one of those people that keeps putting off doing important things until tomorrow? I am not talking about things at work on this one but rather for example some of the below.
. Making up with that Parent, Sibling or Friend over something that really is not that important anyways.
. Taking that dream vacation.
. Living out that dream of sky diving or something exciting you’ve always wanted to but you have not found the time yet.
. Going cross country with a list of things to see and do.
. Telling that certain someone just how you really feel.
The list could go on and on as it will differ for each of you.

I lost a good friend years ago but I’m glad he did not fall into this category of someone who was waiting for tomorrow.

I’ve really lived each and every day of the last years doing what I wanted and I do not think I’ve really had any regrets at the end.
Our time will catch up with you will you be ready or wishing you had more time to finish or even really start living.
It’s your time it’s your choice.


Make it a great day and Make A Difference in your life

I’m your Dream Builder, Hector Calcines.