Is Cuba Blocked?

Good evening Fellows.

Today I will talk about a very current subject, very difficult to explain and I hope it is of interest to all people who can read me, I also hope to get answers to this publication because according to I believe, the scope of my publications is quite broad, so it sure goes to reach all those people that I need to be aware.
Recently, we suffered the biggest clash of all the hurricanes in history, which completely devastated entire islands of the Caribbean, such as Barbuda, where 98% of the buildings were destroyed.
Others such as Saint Martin, Anguilla, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Bahamas suffered severe damage and some of their populations were also practically destroyed.
The same thing happened with the West Coast of Florida and many parts of the city of Miami and other nearby cities.
Millions of people were left without electricity and still have not, millions of people lost their belongings, their houses, everything.
The aids are now coming to almost all of these places, but, let’s talk about my country, Cuba, we read daily news of the devastated places and the lack of construction materials, household effects, etc., we hear the people’s concern about the lack of food.
Hundreds of thousands of people are willing to help our compatriots to reverse their problems and we could provide them with many things, gas cookers, mattresses, household appliances and especially food, but the rates established by the Cuban government make it impossible for our help to arrive, we can not pay 11 dollars per kilogram sent, it is not possible that some worker can do it with his salary, just to give an example, five kg of milk powder would cost more than 60 dollars.
Serve this comment as a call to all who wish to hear, if we want the people of Cuba can be restored as soon as possible must their government open the doors to family and private aid, small donations that can mean immense help, we are sure that more than 50% of the problems would be solved with our help.
I leave this to your consideration.
I await your comments.

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