Do you have your life and your mind aligned?

One of the most common diseases in recent times is


It is true that life is becoming more aggressive, but, if we analyze it in detail it turns out that its aggressiveness depends a lot on “I do not have enough”
Even when you are able to show all of your cars, or have a solid bank account, even when you have a strong relationship and based on true love or you own a nice home.
Almost all of us suffer from this disease one time, some to a greater or lesser degree.
But many people have it all at once and they continue to be seriously ill and need even more money and that is why they make their properties or their apartments or the cars they sell, more and more expensive and make it worse for the rest of mankind to become sick and in the end they are empty inside.

But if you really look around and you are able to thank what life has given you, if you are able to fight for what you really want and not for what you see that your neighbor has achieved, if you are able to share your experiences for improving the lives of those around you, not to the detriment of other lives, not to compete with other people but in cooperation with others, you will be aligning your life with your mind and start to be better every day.
That is an excellent way to live, enjoying what you have been able to achieve and at the same time contributing to others achieving their dreams, I am happy to distribute experiences, help and cooperation with my fellow  and that is why I do what that I feel and live for it.
When you are able to stop thinking about how much more can I have, the more I can accumulate and start thinking about “The more I can offer” you will feel the sweetness of a different life with better emotions, more love, more concentration, you will begin to value your life from the things you have achieved and you will begin to feel part of a better world.

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