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Recently I was reading an article by Harry Alford that I felt absolutely necessary to share with everyone to create a truly entrepreneurial mindset.
I hope you enjoy it and put it into practice.

There are people who believe in destiny and then there are those who believe in taking action.
Founder of APPLE Inc. Steve Jobs, believed that this choice is what separates people who do things they only dream about.
In an exclusive unedited exchange with the Silicon Valley Historical Association in 1994, Steve Jobs gives advice to potential entrepreneurs by discussing risks, failures, their own experiences and learning the value of creating their own environment. Jobs describes how he called HP Cofounder when he was 12 years old asking for advice on building a frequency counter.
What he got in return was more than he imagined, an opportunity to work on the assembly line that summer, manufacturing the same thing he was interested in.
That experience potentially shaped Jobs to become a successful entrepreneur, inventor and finally co-founder of APPLE. He would never have had this experience if he never asked.
Jobs says:
“Most people never pick up the phone and call, most people never ask, and that’s what separates, sometimes, people who do things from people who only dream about them, you have to act and you have to be willing to fail ”
Asking questions is one of the most important habits for innovative thinkers. Asking questions is a powerful way to learn and get deeper ideas.
Erick Schmidt, chief executive of Alphabet Inc. once said:
“We run this company on the questions, not the answers”
Know that if you keep asking questions you can still find better answers.
Braking through and succeeding is easier said than done. One of the requirements for success is the will to fail. Most of the time people are faced with an option: to allow developments to determine their path or fulfill their vision without being hampered by the fear of failure.
Paulo Coelho added this concept in “The Alchemist,” a fable about a young man who follows his dream. Coelho’s best selling novel applies to Jobs’ approach to entrepreneurship and to dictate his own success
Coelho insists:
“There is the only way to learn, it is through action”

Something of fear is a bigger obstacle than the obstacle itself. It can be frightening to embark on a new journey. But building meaningful relationships or getting what you want is about putting yourself out there. It requires actionable steps towards a goal and it starts with asking more questions.
I would expect something better is coming to you, but, you have to start now.

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Contrary to what most people believe, the prospect of fate and dream will not only make you a successful entrepreneur. If you want to realize your potential, then you should stay focused, ask more questions and move on.
Steve Jobs never found anyone who did not want to help him if he asked for help. You have to be willing to crash and burn (with people on the phone, with the start of a company) or you will not get very far.


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