Cuba-United States, Reality Show.

There are many concerns among Cubans residing in the United States due to the paralysis of the immigration procedures, as much or more worrisome the Cubans who already had their documents in the United States Embassy in Havana and have lost this opportunity of an interview in addition of losing the money invested that will not be returned.
But let’s look at the two sides of the coin.
As Cubans we should have all the rights to enter and leave our country at any time, rights that are universal and that only a small group of countries, especially communist regimes like Cuba and North Korea, have suspended unconstitutionally.
It is not a problem of the United States that Cubans depend on a Permit to visit our country, it is degrading to deprive a citizen of his most fundamental rights, however, we are also denied the possibility of traveling to Cuba with another nationality because, according to Government of the Island we are Cubans, A contradiction in favor of their interests! then this face of the coin is cleared. The Government of Cuba is the sole responsible for the fact that Cubans who live abroad can not enter the island.

Despite the “Obvia” refusal of the Cuban government, American and Canadian diplomats have been subjected to certain acoustic attacks that have caused diseases of the hearing aids close to permanent deafness.
It is a fact, and if we analyze the matter in detail we see that:

– There have been no demonstrations against imperialism or accusatory parades or retrograde speeches of communist leaders.
– Representations of the Cuban government even headed by the island’s own foreign minister have been sent to Washington in a very quiet way.
– It has been promised by the Cuban government an evaluation and investigation of the facts and even has allowed the participation of North American specialists in the matter.
– Only the national press has talked about the matter.

Those of us who are Cubans and live for many years the government’s behavior, we know that any broken nail caused a multitude of rallies, meetings, demonstrations and harangues against the “enemy of the north”, something is not clear when the Cuban attitude has been so passive.
The government of the United States like any other in the world has every right to limit diplomatic relations with another country in exchange for an aggression of any kind.
Then Cubans, unfortunately once again we have been victims of disagreement, confrontation and Hysteria, we blame who we understand responsible, the truth is that nothing would be happening without the hegemonic presence of the Cuban regime, every day more totalitarian, more closed and more violating the most basic rights of people.

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