Quien no ha necesitado de una motivación alguna vez en su vida para enfrentar cualquier suceso.

Para comenzar en la escuela, recuerden, posiblemente Mama tenía que convencerte, empujarte y hasta a veces mentirte dulcemente para que te quedaras en ese nuevo mundo desconocido.

Cuantos consejos hubiste de recibir para visitar una Universidad o una Escuela Técnica incluso un centro laboral donde debías comenzar, pero aún no estabas decidido.

Cuantos amigos hubieron de convencerte para acercarte a esa chica o ese chico de quien estabas enamorado, pero te aterrorizaba hablarle.

¿Cuántas cosas en tu vida actual no están en el lugar donde fueron imaginadas, soñadas, deseadas, cuantas cosas necesarias hoy no están y cuantas veces te has preguntado, Por qué?

¿Porque no puedo tener esa casa o ese auto?

¿Por que mis ingresos no me alcanzan?

Pero iré un poco mas allá quizás para hacerte reflexionar.

¿Que hice para lograr lo que he soñado?

Recibiste el empujón de tu Madre para asistir a la escuela y el de tu amigo para “atacar” a esa chica y te decidiste después de varios intentos por ese trabajo.

Incluso has visto en la Televisión decenas de motivadores diciendo cientos de cosas lindas a las que tú puedes acceder pero no les prestaste mucha atención porque el mundo es difícil, no es tan simple como dicen los motivadores.

Pero leíste alguna vez como fue la vida de Christopher Gardner, uno de los hombres más exitosos, gran motivador y filántropo de los últimos tiempos o quizás viste la película “En busca de la Felicidad” protagonizada por Will Smith.

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Pues te ha faltado convertirte en un Emprendedor.

No voy a decirte que resulta una solución fácil ni un acto de magia, no voy tampoco a negarte que necesitas de largas horas de estudio y sacrificios de muchos tipos para revertir tu situación en aquello que un día soñaste sin importar que ese día fuese ayer.

Te aseguro que es posible y que te vas a convertir de hecho en un Motivador porque vas a sentir la necesidad de compartir tus éxitos y lograr que otras personas que conoces o no puedan vivir la vida que con tu esfuerzo puedes comenzar a cambiar.

Si, ya sé que quizás hayas escuchado esto mismo dicho por otras personas que tienen todo, Millonarios que tienen su vida resuelta, grandes hombres de negocios…Pues ahora lo escuchas de mí que no soy un Millonario con mi vida resuelta ni un gran hombre de negocios sino un Emprendedor y porque no un Motivador.

Soy un hombre con tus mismas características, incluso soy un inmigrante como muchos de los motivadores que a diario puedes escuchar en la radio o ver en la televisión que vinieron a este país con un sueño debajo del brazo y han tenido que trabajar duramente igual que tú.

Soy un hombre de verdad que hoy puede viajar libremente y disfrutar de muchas cosas en las que antes solo soñaba y que hoy quiere Motivarte a emprender un camino diferente,

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Who has not needed a motivation at some time in their life to face any event.
To start in school, remember, Mama might have to convince you, push you and sometimes even lie to you so you stay in that new unknown world.
How many advice you had to receive to visit a University or a Technical School even a work center where you had to start, but you were not yet decided.
How many friends would have convinced you to approach that girl you were in love with, but I was terrified of talking to her.
How many things in your present life are not in the place where they were imagined, dreamed, wanted, how many things needed today are not and how many times have you asked, Why?
Why can not I have that house or car?
Why do not my income reach me?
But I will go a little further perhaps to make you reflect.
What did I do to achieve what I have dreamed?
You received the push of your Mother to attend school and your friend to “attack” that girl and you decided after several attempts for that work.
You’ve even seen on TV dozens of motivators saying hundreds of cute things that you can access but did not pay much attention because the world is difficult, not as simple as say motivators.
But have you ever read the life of Christopher Gardner, one of the most successful men, a great motivator and philanthropist of the Recent times or maybe you saw the movie “In Search of Happiness” starring Will Smith.
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Well, you just need to become an Entrepreneur.
I will not say that it is an easy solution or an act of magic, I will not deny that you need long hours of study and sacrifices of many types to reverse your situation in what one day you dreamed no matter that day was yesterday.
I assure you that it is possible and that you will become a Motivator because you will feel the need to share your successes and get other people you know or can not live the life that with your effort you can begin to change.
Yes, I know that you may have heard the same thing said by other people who have everything, Millionaires who have their lives resolved, great businessmen … Well now you hear from me that I am not a Millionaire with my life resolved nor a great man of Business but an Entrepreneur and why not a Motivator.
I am a man with your same characteristics, I am even an immigrant like many of the motivators that every day you can listen in the radio or to see in the television that they came to this country with a dream under the arm and have had to work hard like you .
I am a real man who today can travel freely and enjoy many things that I used to dream of and that today he wants to motivate you to embark on a different path,
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Homosexuality, Myth or reality?

Several weeks ago I have been reading and listening to various programs and articles that talk about this topic from different positions and points of view and I think it is fair to treat it in my blog because I understand its social importance.

Before issuing opinions, it is fair to consult a Bit of history and science.

There is no consensus to determine why homosexuality, many specialists have proposed different themes ranging from the hormonal development of the fetus within the uterus to the social behavior derived from education or upbringing, the fact is that, the scientific community has Demonstrated that people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation, and that orientation is a perfectly natural variation of human sexuality.

The place of the homosexual in the society has changed in dependence of the prevailing culture, in the Ancient Greece for example was common and well seen a relation between a young man and a mature man, this last one was in charge of the education of his lover and nevertheless The homosexual relationship between two mature men was not well seen.

In ancient Rome there are innumerable couples of statesmen, from Julius Caesar for example, it was said that he was “the husband of all women and the wife of all husbands” (vir omnium mulierum et mulier omnium virorum) and we could speak of Many more well-known military men and statesmen of the antiquity.

Hitler considered homosexuality as a genetic defect and were therefore persecuted and murdered.

The famous UMAH in Cuba is known where thousands of homosexuals were imprisoned and forced to report forced labor shortly after the arrival of Fidel to the power.

At present, countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia condemn homosexuals who may even be sentenced to death.

But in most countries of the world there are movements in favor of respect for sexual and social orientation, there are of course opposing organizations and diverse opinions about this delicate matter for humanity.

The church is another point of interest within the opposites to accept homosexuality, although it is true that the Bible speaks in several books about homosexual behavior, there are also religious sectors that do not oppose coexistence and is also known homosexual behavior Especially in the Catholic convents.

As you see it is very difficult to compare criteria and reach conclusions. Personally I believe in respect for free social determination and freedom of expression and behavior, I suggest you make your comments reminding us that we are all human beings and deserve total respect for individuality.

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The Language

The language
What an important thing is the communication between people and of course, what an important thing is the language.

Those who use the Spanish language are sure that there is no other language so beautiful, with so many nuances and phrases … but … those who speak English think the same and the same thing happens with French, Chinese…

It is definitely not the topic of today to analyze the beauty of different languages ​​or  even dialects, the subject is another of great importance.

In what language should we strive to speak it and know it as well as possible?

It certainly depends on where we live.
Those who like me and you, for any reasons came from another country looking for a new home should have the moral and social obligation to communicate in the local language.
Nobody forced us to come and we were accepted and recognized by the new land, here we start a new life and … many complain not to speak the local language, but it is a meaningless justification, that to learn the new language, we must introduce ourselves in The Society that  given us the coat, what a pleasure for a local citizen when we understand them and we communicate with them in their language.
That is why my articles are written in English, but there is another reason, for those who want to understand, who want to follow me and achieve those dreams that accompanied them in their lives on their travels.
I want to realize your dreams and I do it in english because it is the language that surrounds me, and I invite you to follow me, I invite you to discover everything you can achieve.

I will not publish this article in Spanish, for those who have not yet understood the importance of learning the language of the place where they live, feel doubly motivated.
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